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Our Mission

Our core belief is that we all have a major stake in each other’s successes whether it be on a mental, physical or spiritual level. To that end, Harmonetiks is designed to provide proven techniques that address suffering brought on by traumatic life experiences. 

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Our Purpose

About Us

Harmonetiks is an educational system that naturally and easily trains the body to regain harmony and balance which has been demonstrated through a variety of healing modalities and verified through western science and ancient medicine. This is a program where people of all ages and backgrounds can discover a core sense of ease in the body and the mind.

Founder Jeffrey Zimmerman uncovered this core collection of breathing, movement and energy principles after forty years of studying and perfecting techniques that he realized could benefit individuals from all walks of life particularly those individuals preparing for stressful conditions or having experienced various forms of life trauma. (see Founder)  The end result is that this program produces a healthier, more balanced, harmonious body, mind and spirit.

Our Non-Profit

We are a program that offers workshops and information that helps to address anxiety and supports individuals as they actively work to alleviate the fundamental effects from traumatic life experiences. Our primary intervention is based on 35 years of research by our founder Jeffrey C. Zimmerman who synthesized his through his research and practice taking elements from western science, oriental medicine and martial arts.  


To facilitate and train individuals and groups such as veterans, first responders, teachers, and abuse victims that have been traumatized through societal disasters such as war, climatic occurrences, epidemics, family/community trauma and a host of other issues. In addition, we strive to provide skills that heal the individual from abuse and trauma, rather than just coping with the symptoms, and makes health and wellness the new normal, thus effectively addressing the root of society’s toughest problems.

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